Our Approach

Pioneering an efficient yet scalable way to deliver impact for our clients

Reckonsys Process – Three proven phases for building great products

Over a period of eight years, we have successfully completed more than 75 projects and have devised a well-organized MVP (minimum viable product) approach. This approach helps our clients in the ideation, validation, launch, and scaling of their digital products and ventures efficiently and effectively. Our approach follows lean and agile methodologies, allowing us to deliver business impact at startup speed while reducing project risk significantly.


Ideate & Execute

Customer approaches Reckonsys with Idea and Reckonsys executes the NDA


Reckonsys will have deep dive and will prepare a mind map with high level requirements


The proposal for UI/UX prototype and high level Dev proposal as required is submitted.

Approval of Proposal



Reckonsys will work closely with the client to understand the user personas and journeys and work iteratively to complete the Low fidelity Interaction Design Prototype


Reckonsys will prepare and submit the stylesheets based on client’s branding for client’s approval

High Fidelty and Design Testing

Reckonsys will work on producing high fidelity visual screen designs using the approved style. The design is user tested before its handed over for approval.

Design Hand-off



Depending on type of engagement, we focus on Waterfall or agile based plan with constant touch points with client to appraise of risks, schedule deviation if any.

Development & Testing

Development will follow a cadence irrespective of Agile or non-agile. We do constant and shorter feedback cycle with client. We dont seperate testing as a phase. They work in tandem more like XP model.

UAT & GoLive

We help clients to have a thorough, planned User Acceptance testing to ensure all their possible scenarios for their user persona with near real data is covered. Upon successful approval of UAT, we deploy to Production preferably with blue-green deployment.


What makes us Different

Projects Executed
Team Members
Products built for our clients
Have got funded

Feedback from the internal team, users, and potential investors has been positive. The team at Reckonsys puts their products through rigorous testing. They’re also responsive to feedback and work hard to meet deadlines.

Samar Parikh, CEO & Founder Pathfinder Health