Develop & Deliver Digital Experiences

We are a Software Product Development Firm obsessed with creating uncommon solutions for common problems by making use of the right technologies and best practices. We work with Startup founders to build their MVP’s and with existing Enterprises to help solve interesting problems

Our Mission

To become dependable and market aware technological partners to founders bringing balance between maturity and agility

Our Vision

Building a pragmatic, efficient & scalable technology foundation for startups with agility, maturity and market awareness

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Mutual Synergies
  • Pragmatism
  • Trust

A Timeline of Growth and Achievement

Our journey has been one of sustainable growth and fulfilment, with thrilling highs and challenging lows. We celebrate our wins, no matter the magnitude, learn from our mistakes, and continue on our path towards greater success.


Five hopefuls in a cramped 300 sqft office dared to dream big with technology at their side. They were ready to change the world, but first, they had to change their office!


Our team kicked off 2016 with a bang by landing our first client and delivering a successful project. We may have upgraded our office space, but our humble beginnings continue to inspire us every day.


As our team grew, so did our hunger for innovation. We feasted on exciting new projects and cutting-edge technologies like they were snacks. Our humble beginnings are ancient history, but our insatiable appetite for success remains.


From a cozy office to a spacious one, our team has grown from five to thirty in just three years. We're like a real-life version of The Avengers - assembling our team of superheroes to conquer the tech world, one project at a time.


Our team embraced the chaos and pushed ourselves to new heights of innovation. It's like we're the tech version of a circus troupe - juggling projects, balancing deadlines, and performing feats of technical daring. Here's to another year of adventure!


It was like a game of Jenga - just when we thought we had it all figured out, the world pulled out the bottom piece. But we didn't let a little pandemic topple us. We adapted, and grew stronger - kind of like a tech version of a phoenix rising from the ashes.


Our team turned into a bunch of virtual bees - buzzing away on Slack, gathering honey with our projects. It's like we're the tech version of a honeycomb - working together, yet apart. Here's to more sweet success, pandemic or not!


In the next year, we're like green-thumbed superheroes - tending to existing accounts while planting new seeds in the global market. We're back in the office, wearing pants (most days), and growing strong."


To infinity and beyond - where the sky's the limit, the code's the law, and the coffee's always hot. Looking for innovation and adventure? Check out our team photo above - any future superhero coders or tech wizards?

A note from our founder

Companies often make hard choices about going live with a technology solution that may soon require an overhaul. This is where we strive to do the things right the first time around without compromising on quality. With my 30 years of industry experience in multiple domains across 3 countries, along with my 60+ young colleagues, we are well placed to help build your solution by marrying mature enterprise practices with lean strategies.

Sathish Visanagiri

CEO , Reckonsys

The Team

Foundation of Reckonsys
We are an eclectic mix of Designers, Pythonistas, JavaScripters, pixel-perfect UI Developers, DevOps, Data Scientists and Agile practitioners, who love to deliver happiness to our clients through our work and have fun learning new things to make us more relevant in the ever changing technology landscape

Slice of Life at Reckonsys Enterprise


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