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Unleashing the Magic of Drag and Drop in React Native: Harnessing the Power of react-native-drax

Published On  :   June 16, 2023



Imagine creating an app where elements come alive at your fingertips, effortlessly moving, reshaping, and rearranging with a simple swipe of a finger. Sounds captivating, right? Welcome to the enchanting world of drag and drop in React Native, where the package react-native-drax casts its spell and transforms ordinary interfaces into extraordinary experiences. Join us on a magical journey as we explore the depths of react-native-draxand unravel its secrets to create captivating drag-and-drop interactions that will leave your users spellbound.

Setting Up: Unveiling the Sorcery Before we embark on our adventure, let’s unveil the secrets of setting up react-native-drax in your project. Fear not, for the incantation is simple. With your React Native environment prepared, utter the following command in your project's terminal:

npm install react-native-drax 
yarn add react-native-drax 


As the mystical installation completes, you’re now equipped to summon the powers of react-native-drax!

Example 1:

Unleashing the Elemental Forces Let’s begin our magical journey with a simple incantation. Picture a scenario where elements take on a life of their own, as you drag them into a designated drop zone. Let’s conjure this spell with react-native-drax:

As you recite the incantation, the code above materializes a draggable DraxView element. The payload attribute serves as a mystical identifier for the element. When released within the designated drop zone, the onReceiveDragDrop spell triggers, allowing you to weave your own magical logic.

Example 2:

Unveiling the Scroll of Reordering Our magical powers extend beyond the ordinary. Let’s tap into the ancient wisdom of reordering lists with a mere flick of the wrist. Prepare to be amazed as react-native-draxguides us on this mystical journey:

Prepare to be spellbound as the code above unveils a draggable list, allowing you to effortlessly reorder its elements. With the guidance of, the onItemReorder spell triggers when an item is gracefully moved within the list, enabling you to wield your own magical reordering logic.

Conclusion: Unleash Your Creativity! The world of drag and drop in React Native holds endless possibilities, limited only by the boundaries of your imagination. With the captivating powers of, you can create interfaces that transcend the ordinary, captivating your users with immersive and intuitive experiences. Now, dear sorcerer, let your creativity soar and make your apps truly enchanting!

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So, gather your mystical powers, and let’s embark on this extraordinary journey into the realm of drag and drop in React Native!

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