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Reckonsys Named a Leader in Development Industry on Clutch

Published On  :   July 15, 2019


As the Rekonsys team enters another year of helping create strategies and solutions for our clients, we’re excited to share that we’ve earned some recognition for our commitment to creativity and sustained high-quality success. In their research on the best of the best in India across different industries, B2B research and reviews firm Clutch gave Reckonsys a spot on its list of premier development companies in India

Clutch ranks companies based on individual evaluations of market presence, prior experience in the field, and client testimonials, among other aspects of internal operations, so we are very proud to have earned a place among the leading development firms in the country. We’ve also excelled across some emerging technology segments on Clutch, including as one of the top blockchain companies.

Beyond the scores of our software skills and client service, here is some feedback directly from customers we’ve had the pleasure of helping:

“The MVP has helped us step forward and attract around 2,000 users.” – Co-Founder, Poshmiles

“Their development quality is good and their costs are low.” – Founder, HR Software Firm

“The Reckonsys team has integrity in what they do, and they go above and beyond to meet our needs” – President, Vndly

Our presence as one of many strong AI companies was also noted by The Manifest. A business news website that shares insight and knowledge regarding different trends and industries, The Manifest stands as a sister company to Clutch with equally rigorous evaluation and scoring mechanisms, so Reckonsys is very excited to have our range of capabilities highlighted.

If you’re interested in seeing a portfolio of our work, we also welcome you to look at Visual Objects, another sister firm to Clutch. Visual Objects curates and showcases the digital and creative experience of agencies through collections of work, so this threefold recognition of the quality that Terraform ensures and produces speaks volumes about our strength as a partner.

Reckonsys is confident that our legacy of sharing strong, successful software solutions with clients will only continue to increase in this upcoming year and years to come. We’re excited to take on new challenges, and if you want a partner for your next project, our team is here to help.

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We are excited to share that we’ve earned some recognition for our commitment to creativity and sustained high-quality success.