Brython: Python's Leap into the Browser World


Brython: Python's Leap into the Browser World



Technology, Published On : 27 December 2023
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Hey there, web enthusiasts and Pythonistas! Today, we're diving into something super exciting and, dare I say, revolutionary in the web development world. Have you ever heard of Brython? No? Well, buckle up because this is Python's snazzy answer to JavaScript's isomorphism, and it's about to get really interesting!

JavaScript Isomorphism: The OG of Web Development

First things first, let's chat about isomorphism in JavaScript. Isomorphism in web development is like having a Swiss Army knife. It's about writing code that runs smoothly both on the server-side (like Node.js does) and the client-side in the browser. This means you can write once, and run everywhere - cool, right?

JavaScript has been the cool kid on the block, doing this for ages. It's like the party trick of web development. Write your code in JS, and bam! It works everywhere - in your browser, on your server, maybe even on your fridge if it's smart enough.

Enter Brython: Python's Answer to Browser-Side Coding

Now, let's talk Brython. For years, Python developers watched JavaScript have all the fun in the browser. But not anymore! Brython is like Python saying, "Hey, I want to party too!" It's a tool that lets you write Python code that runs in the browser. Yes, you heard that right - Python in the browser!

How Does Brython Work? Magic? Sort of!

Brython is a bit like a magician transforming Python code into something the browser can understand. When you write Python code for Brython, it gets converted into JavaScript on the fly. It's like having a Python-ese to JavaScript translator. This means you can now use Python's elegant syntax and powerful features right in your web pages.

Hands-On Fun with Brython

Let's roll up our sleeves and try some Brython magic. Suppose you want to make a button in your webpage that, when clicked, displays a friendly "Hello, Brython World!" message.

HTML Part:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>My Brython Page</title>
<script type="text/python">
from browser import document
def say_hello(event):
document <= "Hello, Brython World!"
document["myButton"].bind("click", say_hello)
<button id="myButton">Click me!</button>
<script src=""></script>

Here, we have a simple button in HTML. The magic happens in the <script type="text/python"> tag. We're using Brython to bind a Python function (say_hello) to the button's click event.

See that? We just wrote a Python function, when clicked, it displays our message on the browser! It's like your favorite Python code, but with a beach view (the browser, obviously).

But wait, there's more! Brython has a whole treasure trove of goodies:

  • Familiar Python libraries: NumPy, Matplotlib? They're all here, ready to party in your browser.
  • Easy integration with JavaScript: Need to interact with some existing web code? Brython plays nice with your JavaScript pals.
  • Lightweight and blazing fast:  Don't worry, Brython won't weigh down your webpages like a soggy Christmas fruitcake.

Why is Brython Exciting?

Brython is like a dream come true for Python developers who want to play in the web development playground. It opens a whole new world of possibilities where you can leverage Python's simplicity and readability, right in the browser. Imagine using Python for both server-side and client-side. That's one step closer to Pythonic isomorphism!

Wrapping Up: Just the Beginning

Consider this post as your appetizer, a tiny taste of the Brythonic feast. At Reckonsys, we're just warming up. Stay tuned for a detailed post with a full-blown Proof of Concept (POC) implemented in Brython. We're going to dive deeper, explore further, and maybe even find Python's secret browser lair.

So, keep your coding hats on (and maybe a pair of comedic Groucho glasses for the Python spirit), and let's get ready to explore Brython together!

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